What has been the impact of Covid on the communication business, how the digital transformation has changed the landscape of internal and external communication were the topics discussed upon during a weekend webinar organised by Public Relation Society Delhi.

NEW DELHI. Emergence of social media and digital transformation has changed the entire landscape of communication especially for public relations, said Shri Bhaskar Majumdar, Head corporate affairs communication digital at Egis India on Sunday. He was speaking at the Sunday webinar organised by Public Relations Society Delhi. “Digital media and social media increasingly becoming a de-facto choice for content consumers. There has been a paradigm shift in the role of PR professionals and corporate communication experts too from relying on media relations to strategy centric approach. Exploring new tools as Facebook live, Insta live, podcast, #Twitterchat are new digital tools,” Majumdar said.

“Covid fast-forwarded adaptation of digital transformation. It transformed the PR industry and leapfrogged to digital information. Consumption of news has become digital during the lockdown.

The emergence of social media and digital transformation has changed the entire landscape of communication: be it media or advertisement or public relations” he said. “Availability of low-cost smartphones even for office boys is a new norm. Now news first gets published on the Twitter handle of a media house, then on the Twitter handle of journalist and then website and next day in print. By that time it is old news,” the communication veteran added.

Talking about the mix media, he said, “While planning campaigns and devising communication strategies, brands are going for kind of mix media which has both digital and traditional approaches called integrated communication.” “In Corporate Communication, we have four types of media: earned media, shared media, owned media and paid media. The blend of all these will now be an integral part of communication campaign planning. Like mobile manufacturing companies, auto companies, etc. are engaging more You tubers,
bloggers than traditional media,” he added.

Shri Rakesh K. Singhal, Former Executive Director, Corporate Communication, SAIL said, “Corporate Communications is top management functions. Whatever top management decides, CC carries out. CC adds value to whatever management is doing. 85% of problems in projects come from poor communication. You have to give correct specifications.”

Shri G.S. Bawa, Secretary, PRSD hosted the Webinar while Chairman Shri SS Rao delivered the Welcome Address. Vote of Thanks was proposed by PRSD’s Governing body member Shri Vipin Kharbanda . Shri Vivek Shukla, Joint Secretary coordinated the QA session. Shri Sanchit Sharma, member , Governing body briefed about speaker. Shri Subham Saurav Singh, Member PRSD summed up the brief about the speakers observations.

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